I've spent the last month wrapped up in watching my YouTube "View Count" ticker. It's time to create music. So, au revoir

I've recently compiled twelve very short stories into a volume titled Twelve Tiny Twisted Tales.  What it is is this:  It is a volume of twelve tiny, twisted stories, which is another way of saying Twelve Tiny Twisted Tales, which, incidentally, is the name of the book.  The reason I've entitled the book this way is this:  It is titled this way because of this:  The reason is:  I've written the stories in such a way that they correspond to a firm belief of mine, which is as follows:  I like to be brief and straight to the point.  This is the reason the book is called Twelve Tiny Twisted Tales.  And that's the reason.

Above you will see the cover and one of the stories.  Please click on the image to enlarge it.

To order a book, please blow your alphorn and send a pigeon with $10 tied to its leg.  You could have used the much less tedious method of emailing a request were I not paranoid and reluctant to give out my email address.

Once I have received your order, you may find your copy of the book in a corked bottle on the shore of Lake Superior.  Shipping will take one to two years.