Yes, I took part in that grand YouTube project called "Life in a Day", where the people of our planet were invited to film their day on 7-24-2010 and then submit the raw footage, where it will be reviewed by some well-know filmmakers for possible inclusion in a first-of-its-kind movie. And here's the reason I did it: Long term drug use will make you asocial, and, very often (depending largely on the substance(s) abused), antisocial. My decade of substance abuse took me on a course that --although not opposed to society-- was no longer "within" society. I was a self-imposed outcast, and with "Life in a Day", I felt that I was doing something "with" larger society. It's part of the slow process of post chemical-dependency resocialization (not that I'm out of the woods yet as far as my addictions go). It's a step in the right direction, and it felt good. When I first read about the project in USA Today in early July, I was planning on shooting the day in my hometown of Bridgeport, Nebraska, where I'd assumed I'd be on 7-24. But I unexpectedly went to Big Lake, Minnesota, and that's where I shot the footage, because that's where I was on "The Day". After that day was done and the filming was complete, I spent hours editing the footage into a ten-minute video complete with titles and musical score. Then, the night of the submission deadline, I read what I should have read weeks before: "No editing, no music, no titles. Just raw footage." So that's what I ended up doing. I simply submitted all the raw footage in five big chunks and left it at that, because that's what they wanted. So, even if my footage goes nowhere, it still feels good to have been a part of it all. I feel that much more a part of society again.


Rixides said...

Cool! Any way I can get the edited version? So glad you're doing well bro!

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